Do you have any open questions regarding the processing of your parts and components with the vertical lathe?

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It is imperative for you to answer the following questions so that we can implement the best-possible manufacturing process:

Step 1: Determine current situation

  • Questions about the existing process
    (components to be manufactured, existing production processes, cycle times, costs?)
  • Questions about the IT infrastructure
    (level of digitisation, provision of remote service?)
  • Questions about the spatial conditions
    (are space-saving solutions required, easy integration into the existing fleet of machinery?)
  • Questions about employees / employees’ skills
    (CNC experience, ability to independently perform maintenance work?)

Step 2: Define goals and requirements

  • Questions about goals
    (Efficiency, availability, degree of utilisation, cycle time?)
  • Questions about challenges
    (Technical specifications, implementation regulations, quality regulations, schedule sequence?)
  • Timelines:
    (Delivery time, product life cycle?)
Step 3: Recommendation for the optimal production solution for your requirements