Synchronous hub

For mechanical automotive manual gearboxes, synchronisation systems based on a cone friction clutch and designed as a locking synchroniser is the most up-to-date technology available. With locking synchronisers, we differentiate between the one-cone synchronisation and the multi-cone synchronisation.

Synchronisation systems in manual gearboxes are used to adapt the different speeds of the gear wheel to be shifted with the gear shaft. After the synchronisation has been completed, the positive connection between gear wheel and gear shaft is achieved through the engagement of the clutch. In order to ensure that synchronisation occurs before engagement of the clutch, a finely tuned blocking function is required.

The synchronisation element is connected to the gear shaft in a positive manner. The selector sleeve is guided in its external gearing. When switched on, the torque is transferred between the synchronisation element and the selector sleeve via the external gearing.

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synchronous hub


The perfect machining concept for the machining of synchronisation systems

The V-Series by Schuster

Currently, there is a new line of thought occurring in cutting manufacturing, in particular regarding materials that are difficult to cut. With increased coolant pressure, materials such as: titanium, Inconel, or duplex steels are machined. With our high-pressure package (the package includes specially sealed turret and cooling unit with belt filter), we give you the ability to do this as efficiently as possible.

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