Planetary gear carrier

The function of the planetary gear carrier is to further increase the torque because the approximate twenty-fivefold increase of the engine torque in the converter is too low. Furthermore, it enables the shifting of the gears at full capacity.

The torque is distributed via several gear wheels, so that lower gear forces are present. In addition, this gearbox has a compact design. Therefore, it only requires minimal space. The gears can be shifted without interruption of power flux, since no synchronism must to be created. All gears are in constant engagement, which guarantees quiet operation.

Requirements for Schuster Maschinenbau:

• Form and position (0.005 positional tolerance)
• Turning, drilling, and reaming in a single clamping
• Rapid loading and unloading cycles despite complex workpiece clamping

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Planetary gear carrier


The perfect machining concept for the machining of planetary gear carriers

The P-Series by Schuster

Based on a thermally stable Mineralit machine stand, the motor spindle is designed as a pick-up principle.

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