Spindle and clamps that pick up workpieces from the integrated workpiece carrier

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P30 pick up turning machine
P30 vertical turning machine – a fully automated pick up solution with low space requirements and simple operation.
Whether for automotive, powertrain, mechanical engineering, soft machining or hard machining applications, the Schuster P-Series is a pick up solution that is tailored to your requirements. The classic double-spindle PD30 machine is also available for two-sided machining applications.

New turret technology from Sauter – Direct Drive
Our speed and precision not only stems from our short chip-to-chip times, but we also have the power – 18kW and 63Nm. This enables us to increase cutting data while shortening cycle times. Direct drive offers improved removal volumes when using power tools for machining.
Used together with the appropriate indexed conveyor, Schuster's patented chip and spray-protected loading and unloading unit allows us to transport your raw component/finished component quickly and precisely.