... lowers secondary processing time and significantly reduces worker handling.
Transfer Line

The use of the Schuster line with a consistent degree of automation has resulted in a considerable increase in productivity per unit area.
Thanks to the Schuster line, operations formerly requiring a production space of 375m² can now be accommodated in only 135m².
Over a production space of 135m², 11,000 shafts are produced per month, while the plant as a whole achieves an overall availability of 95%.
Not only has automation lowered secondary processing time by 10% but worker handling has also been reduced significantly.
All shafts are clamped between spikes and run through the system fully automatically, from turning to grinding and even packaging and shrinking.
Buffer conveyors have been incorporated for automating machine tooling.

machine F40 Vertikale Doppelschleifzelle
loading system self adjusting conveyance
set up area (before / after) 375m² / 135m²