7G Impulser

"Cutting in one-second cycles"

7G Impulser

"Cutting in one-second cycles"

Impact cutting involves an extremely short, reproducible impact of a magnitude of milliseconds, which produces a relatively large cutting force.
Known as adiabatic cutting, it is based on the principle that the heat produced with an extremely high speed of deformation is unable to dissipate by conduction. This creates thermal softening in the material of a level that exceeds the hardening that would normally occur through stretching, which allows the material to be cut through.
The cutting energy is electronically controlled and monitored by special, complex software. The machine can be tooled or retooled in only a few minutes by entering the material parameters, feed rate and material diameter and exchanging the mould inserts. This environmentally friendly technique can be used to cut tubes and profiles as well as solid materials with short processing times.

Solid material
• Solid materials and profiles of up to 50mm diameter can be cut
• Short cycle times of under one second
• Max bar or profile length of 12m

• Tubes of up to 60mm diameter can be cut
• Very fast end facing with cycle times of under 2 seconds.

cycle time up 1 sec.
max. work piece diameter 50 mm (shaft)
65 mm (tube)
max. work piece diameter 9,8 kJ
min section length circa 1 x d
(depents of tolerances of material and geometry)
energy use ca. 150kW
energy use ca. 20 kW/h
weight ca. 7,5 t
control Siemens (Simotion)
dimensions 2954 x 2200 x 3620 mm
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