We do not only provide you with the machines but also with the necessary know-how!

General contents of the training:

  • Presentation of the company Schuster Präzision
  • Clarification of the training sequence
  • Special training demands of the customer

We tailor the training contents to suit your requirements and the requested machines. The employee training can either take place at your plant or at our premises. The training is practice-oriented and divided into two parts:

1. Possible agenda of the mechanical training part:

  • Maintenance procedure
  • Procedure for replacing spindles, handling, motors, etc.
  • Disassembly / assembly – sheeting
  • Belt replacement, tightening
  • Reference points
  • Setting / checking pressures
  • Checking level quantities

2. Possible agenda of the electrical training part:

  • Explanation of wiring diagram (wiring diagram chapter, assembly plan, parts list)
  • Explanation of control cabinet layout
  • Explanation of machine wiring
  • Replacement of components (inside and outside the control cabinet)
  • Special components
  • Data backup
  • Diagnostic possibilities
  • Schuster menu
  • Referencing of axes

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