Our machine concepts: modular and easy to automate

The basis of our machine concept is providing a standardised and always expanding modular system across our three system platforms: F-, V-, and P-Series. The modular machine building concept is easily adaptable and enables an effective storage of spare parts. This, in turn, gives your process – as opposed to speciality machine construction – more reliability.

The machine concepts are supported through the Automation and Special Machine Construction business units. This enables us to develop – in coordination with the customer’s specifications – a specific customised machine that provides all the advantages of a standard production machine.

Flexibility with the F-Series

Flexible | Variable | Productive

The Schuster F-Series provides you with more flexibility in the manufacturing of shafts and flange components as well as in end facing. Regardless if it is required for turning, milling, grinding or gear cutting – with numerous selectable applications you are always optimally equipped. This turns a CNC lathe into a flexible combination cell, which is specifically aligned to meet your requirements.

F-Series product page

Schuster F-Series


Ingenious, space-saving and highly productive: the V-Series

Fast | Compact | Productive

The vertical construction of the V-Series allows you to save resources in terms of production space. As a vertical double spindle cell, the V-Series can quickly, compactly, and productively be used in standard twin machining or in 2-sided machining.

V-Series product page

the V-Series


Economical and efficient: Pick-up processing with the P-Series

Economical | Efficient | Productive

Shortest clamp-to-clamp times, optimal accessibility, compact construction, and easy-to-operate system can be expanded through various processing power units, different spindle variants, and loading concepts.

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Pick Up Drehmaschine P-Reihe


The new nxt: your entry into the future of metal processing

space-saving | ergonomic | productive

With the all new nxt, Schuster makes new terrain accessible to you. Namely the world of automated vertical turning for individual series production, which allows you to benefit from all the advantages of a pick-up turning machine. The list of game-changing features in the new nxt reaches from compact, space-saving construction, user-friendly design and optional individualisation features to energy and cost savings, thanks to particularly high production capacity in a small space.