For shafts, flanges and end facing with lengths of up to 800mm.

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ImageF-Series – unique system platform!
Schuster F40 is our ideal mechanical engineering solution for efficient four-axis vertical shaft and flange machining and end facing with lengths of up to 800mm, in large production numbers. The foundation of the system is the oscillation-damping mineral cast machine column.

Schuster F-Series – productivity for any application!
Turning, milling, grinding or hobbing – with freely selectable applications such as a B-axis milling unit, centre-turning unit, counter-spindle, two-axis lathing with steady rest and NC quill, and robot or handling systems for loading and unloading – we are always perfectly equipped and can even make a turning cell into a flexible combined cell that is specifically coordinated to your applications.
Schuster F-Series – more productivity for your application
Thanks to the rigid motor spindle (26KW at 150Nm, optionally 35KW & 300Nm) and the excellent thermal stability of the mineral cast machine column, thermal growth can be kept to a minimum – a solution that is predestined for grinding and HRC. Efficient four-axis machining reduces primary processing time. Moreover, synchronous loading and unloading results in short secondary processing times.

• High rigidity
• High material removal rate
• High flexibility
• Maximum productivity and process reliability
• Parallel loading and unloading for shorter cycle times
• Simultaneous turning

Simply Schuster – honest engineering!